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National Volunteer Month: Ginny

Apr 09, 2020

April is National Volunteer Month and we are highlighting some of the people who give their time to help make FCA the best we can be. Today, read about Ginny Martin.

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How to help seniors during social isolation

Apr 07, 2020

Social isolation isn't good for seniors, so how can we help our older family members, neighbors, and friends, during a time when social isolation is important to maintain health? FCA experts weigh in.

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National Social Worker Month: Alex's Story

Apr 02, 2020

Alex Sollazzo, LMSW, FCA Supportive Housing Manager, talks about her roles at FCA and why she became a social worker.

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Please note the date change and join us for IMAGINE 2020 on Friday, October 16 at The Longshore Pavilion at Norwalk Cove!

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