Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

For seniors living alone, becoming injured and unable to get help is a frightening event. The Family & Children’s Agency Personal Alert service provides fast access to help 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

As part of our standard service, our Care Center representatives are trained to handle emergencies, and also to monitor any situation, anytime. If you or your loved one hear a strange noise, feels faint or dizzy, is arriving home after dark or want someone to check in after a walk to the mailbox, the Care Call representatives are here to assist. Seniors and their loved ones can find peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy independence with Personal Alert.


Personal Alert Products

All Personal Alert products include:

  • Free installation and setup from local representatives
  • Unlimited service and question calls
  • Timely in-home service appointments

Traditional PERS Monitoring

medical alert pendant

This in-home response unit provides fast access to help and peace of mind. A base unit is connected to your existing phone line and the button can be worn as a pendant around the neck or as a bracelet on the wrist. When the pendant is pressed an outgoing call is made to our Care Center, who responds through the device speaker.


Fall Detection Pendant

fall detection pendant

Worn around the neck, this device includes both traditional touch button technology, as well as fall detection technology. When the button on the pendant is pressed, an outgoing call is made to our Care Center.  The button can also detect changes in movement that often indicate a fall. When this occurs, an outgoing call is automatically made to our Care Center. Change in movement not actually a fall? No worries, our Care Center Reps love responding to calls that are not emergencies too!


Mobile Care GPS Unit

mobile gps fall detection

For seniors on the go, our mobile personal alert device provides hands-free communication with nationwide coverage via cellular networks. With touch button technology and built-in fall detection, this device can be worn around the neck or on a belt clip to give seniors and their loved one’s peace of mind at home and away.


Medication Dispenser

medication dispenser

Our medication dispensers increase medication compliance by reminding seniors to take medications at predetermined times from convenient pre-filled dosage compartments. This device has medication reminder alerts and will send an automatic outgoing call using your existing land line to our Care Center if a dose is missed.




Safely store a hidden key for emergency use. Our lock boxes offer a secure way to hide a key by locking onto a door knob or railing. A separate combination opens the key compartment, offering emergency personnel access to your home. 



Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in need of Home Care services, we understand that you have a lot of questions. Rest assured our staff is here to help you understand the process. We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you still have questions after reading our FAQs, feel free contact us at 203-831-2900.

We offer free in-home installation and personalized instructions and assistance on using the Personal Alert service.

The average distance is between 300 to 600 feet depending on the type of system and environmental factors such as building construction and interference.

We recommend you do not remove your pendant since it could send an accidental signal to the Care Center.

No. Your pendant is water resistant, but it is not considered waterproof. For example, you may wear it while showering, but it should not be submerged during a bath.

We recommend that you test at least once a month to ensure it is working properly. However, you may test it as often as you like if you are concerned that it may not be fully functional.

Yes. You may relocate with your unit. Prior to your move, please contact our office at 203-831-2900 and provide your change of address and responder information, so that your unit can be tested promptly after you arrive at your new location.

Not to worry. A Care Center representative will receive the signal and come over the unit to confirm your condition. You can let them know that there was a mistake and no help is needed, and the call will be ended. There are no fees associated with pushing your button, whether or not it is by mistake.

If you are unable to get to a door to let emergency services in, our Care Center will contact the responders you designate as having a key. Alternatively, you may hide a key outside or have one kept in a lockbox. These options will be discussed with you prior to the installation your Personal Alert system, and this information can be updated by you any time.

Prior to changing your phone service or carrier, please notify FCA at 203-831-2900 and provide your new provider’s name for the FCA team to assess whether a different type of system is required to work reliably with the new phone service/carrier.