Family & Children's Agency

Ninety cents of each dollar donated, goes directly toward client services and programs.

For more than 75 years, Family & Children’s Agency (FCA) has been helping individuals and families throughout Fairfield County and beyond to realize life's possibilities. We increase the social and emotional well-being of our clients by providing strength-based, solution-focused services for every stage of life.

Our work:


A thriving community of empowered individuals and healthy families.



Building better lives and strengthening our community by providing essential human services to children, families, adults, and seniors. 


Family & Children’s Agency is committed to providing the highest quality services and must earn and keep the trust of our supporters every day. Our donors and volunteers support us because they trust us to carry out our mission, be good stewards of our resources, and uphold a high level of professionalism, integrity and excellence. The following is our commitment to those we serve and these values guide FCA’s services and operations:


Professionalism, Integrity & Excellence

We operate all facets of the Agency in an ethical and professional manner with a highly committed and passionate staff delivering services of superior quality.

Proactive Approach to Meeting Community Needs

We anticipate and act upon community and client needs and develop or enhance services to reflect the needs in the communities we serve. We maintain flexibility to creatively respond to challenges and opportunities.

Strength-Based, Solution Focused Services

We use a strength-based, solution focused approach in our work that regards each client as a person in need of support and guidance and identifies their inner strengths to successfully overcome challenges. Using nationally recognized standards to guide our work with clients, we are committed to providing services in an environment that is safe and accessible to all.

Support of Diversity

We seek to create an environment that continually supports and values clients and staff with diverse backgrounds and experiences.