ASPIRE After-School

Family & Children’s Agency works to improve the lives of Norwalk youth by increasing their ability to be productive, independent young adults. The ASPIRE after-school youth development program is designed with middle school, high school and summer enrichment components. It is a multi-faceted, longitudinal program that promotes academic success and positive youth development. The program is in partnership with Norwalk Community College and located on their campus.

Middle School

The middle school component of ASPIRE serves 50 middle-schoolers from various Norwalk middle schools on the campus of Norwalk Community College, Monday through Friday, 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. throughout the school year. In addition to academic support, the program offers enrichment activities, helps promote character development, reinforces executive functioning skills, and prepares students for a successful transition into high school.


High School

The high school component of ASPIRE serves students who have graduated from the middle school program and prepares them to graduate from high school and become college or career ready. In addition to tutoring and academic support, the high school component includes parent engagement, case management, gender-based programming, life skills, and college preparation. 


Summer Enrichment

The Summer Enrichment component provides structured, goal-directed programming that reduces summer learning loss. Youth involved in the program meet four days per week for six weeks throughout the summer on the Norwalk Community College campus. The program offers cross-curriculum, theme-based learning that includes academics, cultural immersion, recreation and social, and emotional skill building.