Volunteer Highlight: How Facebook and Bananas Connected This Marathon Runner to Volunteering


Shannon has volunteered with Family & Children’s Agency for nearly four years. Several years ago, while on Facebook, “I posted asking for recommendations for a local nonprofit to get involved with,” Shannon said. “My friend Don responded. He had such great things to say about FCA. I did a bit of research and reached out and the rest has been history.”

Since then, Shannon has volunteered with the Agency in many ways. From volunteer projects with her children, to her most recent—monthly fresh fruit donations to the homeless adults at the Community Connections center, Shannon says the Agency has been a great fit for her and her family. "For someone like me, who does't have a lot of free time, I love that there is still a lot of opportunities for me to give back with FCA. I also love that my children are able to volunteer with me." she said.

As an avid marathon runner, Shannon also understands the importance of fresh fruit intake, specifically bananas. Shannon recalls an encounter with the homeless men and women who receive Shannon’s banana donations. “I was late [delivering fruit donations] and one of the men in the program happily greeted me. He said he was afraid I wasn't coming and told me he loved bananas,” she says. “Though he will never know, he gave ME something that day—appreciation!”

Family & Children’s Agency is fortunate to have many friends like Shannon, who trust and value the mission of FCA and volunteer their time to enhance the lives of others.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with FCA, visit www.familyandchildrensagency.org for more information.

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