Korea Welcome Home 2017

Aug 20, 2017 - Aug 26, 2017

Welcome Home is a program sponsored by Social Welfare Society since 2008 for adult overseas Korean adoptees to visit and explore their homeland.

This year, the program will begin on August 20th and will last for 7 days, closing on August 26.
The core idea of the program is to match an adoptee with a Korean volunteer and experience the entire program together as a team, which we call the 'buddy system.'
Through their buddies, it is hoped that adoptees will explore Korea in a friendlier way, feel comfortable and invited in their homeland, and eventually build a healthy identity as an adoptee.

The entire cost of the program is sponsored by Social Welfare Society and this also includes accommodations for one day before and one day after the program.

As the opening ceremony is scheduled in the afternoon of August 20th, all participants are expected to arrive in Korea.  by the morning of August 20th. As for the departure, the closing ceremony is scheduled in the evening of August 26th, which means all departures should be planned on August 27th or later.

Any overseas Korean adoptees between the age of 20 and 50 are welcomed to apply for the program and should there be an overflow or applicants, the applicants that have not visited Korea before will be given priority.

Application will be closed on July 21st. Click here to view the program brochure and application form.

Completed applications can be sent to swspas@sws.or.kr.