Executive Team

Robert F. Cashel, LCSW
President & CEO

Mary Ellen Hass
Executive Vice President

Rocco (Rocky) Rossetti, III
Vice President & CFO

Kathy Seiden
Vice President, Development & Communications

Averi Dudek, PHR, SHRM-CP
Director, Human Resources

Lisa Lillie

Vice Chair
Charles Pieterse

Vice Chair
Maria Wilcox

Rita Marber

Richard Zaremski

Vice Treasurer
Wenton Camporin

Chair Emeritus
Julene Greenshields

At Large
Mark Lux
  • Georgia Adams
  • Audrey Andrew
  • David Barnard
  • Susan Beyman
  • Mary-Pat Cottrell
  • Michelle Doggett
  • Dianne Green
  • Kris Reddington Herlyn
  • Noelle Hughes
  • Rachel Lieberman
  • Virginia Martin
  • Kathleen P. Murphy
  • William O. Murphy
  • Daniel O’Connor
  • Karen Scappaticci
  • Jordan Scott
  • Martha Yepes Small, MD
  • Michael Stein
  • Douglas Stern
  • Sharon Sullivan
  • Brian Vendig
  • Trish Weber
  • Martha Witte
  • Stephen Beck
  • Mark Brown
  • Jill Dimitrief
  • Ana Goizueta
  • Matthew Greene
  • Stacy Holmén
  • Ray Moskow
  • Dana Nickel
  • Maurice Segall
  • Charlotte Taverna
  • Donna Walker
  • William O. Webster
  • Sheryl Williams


* Board Elected 09.2016

Co Chair
Banji Iyun

Co Chair
Zachary Mintz

Vice Chair
Maureen Hart

  • Corrine Andrade
  • Devyn Jeffereis
  • Nicholas Kantor
  • Sarah Mason
  • Kristi Ng
  • Rachel Reese
  • Sherlene Rodriguez
  • Natalia Sieira Millan
  • Hayley Smith
  • Douglas Stern
  • Jillian Suozzi
  • Konstantin Vayneris
  • Brian Vendig


Minks to Sinks Fundraising Committee


Family & Children’s Agency is pleased to have a dedicated fundraising committee, MINKS to SINKS, that provides valuable support to the Agency. The MINKS to SINKS organization is staffed by more than 160 volunteers of all ages from the community of Wilton. Each year MINKS to SINKS holds spring and fall tags sales, the first weekend in May and the first weekend in October. During these semi-annual sales, volunteers work tirelessly to price, ticket, organize and display the thousands of items that are donated or consigned for the sale.


All proceeds from each Minks to Sinks sale go directly to the programs at Family & Children’s Agency. We are grateful for all of the support the Minks to Sinks volunteers have given to the Agency over the years. Click here to get more information on the upcoming Minks to Sinks sale.